Here are just a few examples of the feedback we receive from our customers...

"Pegs arrived Tuesday am - Brilliant service, considering only ordered mid-day Monday. Very fair delivery charge too! They look great and if they perform as well as the ordering service, should be fantastic!"

"...The lady I spoke to was most helpful and delivery was as promised - important to me as we were leaving on holiday. I'm just back from that 3-week caravan tour of Germany and I must say I'm impressed with the pegs. We had a 'tornado' type storm go through one site and caused major damage to trees and buildings in the area. I feared the worst when we got back to the campsite but the awning had held intact, unlike most of the others on the site. The only pegs that failed were the hammer-in rock pegs I used in some places - these had been pulled out, but the Peggy Pegs hadn't budged"

"Thank you for the prompt service, sending my Peggy Pegs to me and the information you gave me over the phone. So far I am pleased with the pegs and will be putting them to the real test in less than 2 weeks... "