Why use Peggy Pegs?
  • Suitable for hard, stoney ground, by using the height-adjustable hook!
  • Made from reinforced UV resistant fibreglass or aluminium, they are strong and light!
  • Quick and easy to put in with an electric drill, saving a lot of time and effort!
  • When itís time to leave, just unscrew them Ė itís so easy!

All pegs have a
head size of 17mm

Aluminium Adapter (PP166)

New for 2012 is an aluminium version of the drill adapter for drilling any of the pegs where the torque is likely to be high. We still recommend the large pegs (plastic and aluminium) are screwed in with a wrench.

peggypeg combination tool
Crocodile Clamp (PPC4)

The Crocodile Peggy® is a powerful, multifunctional, adjustable, quick-release clamp. Once clamped onto material it has a steel like grip. Made of fiberglass and UV-resistant nylon, it will withstand the highest demands. The possibilities are endless - when material needs holding in place, the Crocodile Peggy® is the ideal solution. Keep it ready - you never know when you may need it. Of course it is fully compatible with other Peggy Peg® products!

Standard Peg (PP102 & PP103)
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peggypeg standard peg
Size 20cm

Enjoy the ease of screwing a PeggyPeg in with a cordless drill. Be reassured by its incredible holding power and secure clip. It is not necessary to fully screw a PeggyPeg in. Providing the thread is below the ground and feels secure, move the clip to ground level and hook on.
With an ordinary peg it is sometimes necessary to dovetail them, otherwise they just pull out. With a PeggyPeg the load can be applied vertically as the holding power is so much greater. Always ensure that the clip is attached as close to the ground as possible.

peggypeg uni-plate

If the peg hits a stone when using an Anchor Plate or Uni-Plate simply snap on one of the clips. When the peg is screwed back in, the clip will jam on to the plate and hold it down.

Anchor Plate (PP111)

The Anchor plate (blue) has a modified slot to take both the old and the new style Fiama and Omnistore awning feet. The new Anchor plate, used in conjunction with the Uni-Plate (orange), will hold a round pole and stop It moving. Shown here with the Uni-Plate, the combination is much easier to see and hopefully less easy to trip over.

peggypeg anchor plate
Combination Tool (PP06)

The Hand driver and Drill adapter are now combined.
Fits all PeggyPeg sizes.

peggypeg combination tool
HardCore Peg (PP161)
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Even PeggyPegs struggle on some hard standings. So we have developed a hammer-in, screw-out peg which we are calling "HardCore". It's short, dumpy and light. Hammer it in and once the threaded part is below ground and the grip is strong enough to hold, simply slide the blue clip over the head and hook on. The combination tool can be used to further tighten it and later used for removing the peg.

Fix & Go (PP116 & PP109)
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The NEXT GENERATION of anchor plate, called Fix & Go is suitable for most kinds of awning leg, storm strap or tent pole. Awning-poles or tent-poles are securely fixed between the orange sliders. The base plate prevents the poles from sinking into soft ground or lifting in the wind. If the peg hits a stone and will not go fully down, simply loosen the peg and slide the blue clip across and re-screw.

To remove the awning leg simply open the orange sliders. The Fix & Go can be left on the ground ready for re-use. Suitable for all Peggy Peg screw-in pegs (purchased separately).

Large Peg (PP112 & PP115)
peggypeg large pegs
Size 31cm

The larger Aluminium and Plastic pegs now come with an adjustable clip, so just like the standard peg it is not necessary to fully home the peg. The clip for these pegs fits neatly over the top for easy attachment and quick release, just attach the clip to the end of a guy rope or pegging rubber and hook on. These Pegs are very popular with Micro-Lite owners.

peggypeg attaching the clip
Small Peg (PP105)
peggypeg small peg
Size 12cm

The small peg is designed for pegging out inner tents, the mud wall of an awning or the sides of a small tents. With a small tent we recommend pegging the major guys with the standard pegs.

Uni-Plate (PP108)

Uni-Plate (orange) is for holding down matting and can also be lined up to hold the mat at a door threshold. Uni-Plate can be used either way up, whichever gives the best grip for the matting type. Anchor Plate (blue) has been designed to fit onto the Uni—Plate and the combination of colours makes the Anchor Plate easier to see.

peggypeg uni-plate
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